Product Name : Antifouling Extended-stroke Belt Drive Slide
Product No : JDTS-N80
Product Introduction

Applicable Motor AC-750W/ 220V
Slide Track and Slide 25mm Single Slide Track, 2 slides
Specified Torque 5, 10...(others are optional accessories)
Repetitive Precision ± 0.04mm/M
Method of Driving PU Steel Wire Belt/ Width: 28mm
Belt Slide Lead (mm) 180 (無減速比時)
Highest Speed (mm/sec) 3000
Max.Weight (kg)Horizontal 300~4000
Vertical 45
Sensor Model No. 671 x 3 pcs
Load Torque (N.m)  Ma: 250 N.m
 Ma: 401N.m
 Ma: 401 N.m
JDTS-N80 Specification