Product Name : Module of Glass Panel Sensor
Product No : TAKEX-ASW

This machine is designed to test the extended reflective sensor of LCD glass or transparent glass panel. It detects curved or inclined glass and arranges optics set of glass surface reflection, plus it has Sensitivity Diaphragm equipment so it can adjust the distance of testing workpiece.

  • Sensor of Transparent Glass Panel
    It can be detected only if its surface has luster, even for glass panel which of thin film deposition or mirrorlike objects such as steel.
  • It corresponds the test distance and unit of specification.
  • It can only change the sensor (for repair)
    Even the sensor has been stuck and the breakage is bigger than one inch, you only need to change the broken part of sensor instead of the whole sensor.
Working Example 

  Special Made Aluminum Extrusion Model+Inner PCB Circuit Module+Outer Connector

  • Test Method: Reflecting
  • Object: Transparent Panel
  • Model: ASW-R06D42287
  • Unit: 28
  • Dimension of Panel: 42
  • Action Mode: Light on
  • Test Mode: NPN Open Connector

P.S. You can also provide your own mapping sensor but it's necessary to confirm the dimension of sensor before remitting the order.

外型尺寸圖   ASW-CU100RS示範




Specified. Performance Model ASW-R06D4228
Test Method Extended Reflective Sensor of Glass
Test Distance Transparent Glass 2~20mm (under ±12∞)
Object Transparent Glass (It can be detected only if its surface has luster)
Channels 28 channels+1 channel (Blank Panel)
Proper Interval 42mm
Power Supply Voltage Under DC 24V ±10% Radiation10%
Consuming Voltage Under 70mA (When you turn on all of the channel)
Output Mode NPN Open Collector output separately Under Sink Electric Current 30mA (DC30V)
Action Mode Light on
Reaction Time less than 7ms
Projection Lighting Red LED (660nm)
Specification Display light Orange LED x 28 Channels (Equipped on)
Connecting Process Robotic Arm Cable Wired 2m with cable connector x2 (57-30360, Made by DDK)
Weight about 2.4kg
Environment Illumination Under 50001x
Temperature 5~40°C
Humidity Undert 35~85% RH (No condensation)
Protected Structure IP40
Aseismatic Under 10m/s2
Voltage AC500V
Insulation Over DC 500V mega 20 MW 

※1 薄膜沉積玻璃會因其膜質有時會使檢測距離變短(請事先確認)
※2 彎曲R60壽命30萬次 AWG28號x40芯 ETFE絕緣 不易燃
       PVC sheath cable(克拉比製)