• XYY Position Machine
  • Standard Positioning Slide
  • Positioning Slide for clean room
  • Long Travel Belt Driven Slide
  • XYZ Standard Positioning Slide/ Multi Axis Combination
  • Positioning Slide for clean room/ Multi Axis Combination


  1. The slide adopts the sensor. You can choose to install +LS, -LS or home coordinate inside or outside the slide.
  2. The outer oiling system of slide is optional accessory
  3. Super Precision Position system need to use linear scale which is also an optional accessories. Dpi: 5u, 1u, 0.5u, 0.1u

[ From design, manufacture, build-up to testing, our product is made under a strict quality control and we never compromise between quality and cost. ]

I. Manufacturing Process

Producing single or multi-axis robotics arm sample product →Test →Molding →Standardizing →Producing

II. Diversity of product

  1. Dust-proof standard slide: JDB/JDT Series
  2. Slide for clean room: JDBS/JDTS Series
  3. Electric Linear Cylinder: JDR Series
  4. Multi-Axis Robotic Arms
  5. XXYY Vision Position System
  6. Long Travel Belt Driven Slide: JDTS-N80
  7. Linear Motor Driven Slide: JDLM Series

III. Introduction of Motor

Our products fit any kinds of motor.

  • AC Servo Motor
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Planetary Gearbox

IV. Motor Drive

  • Ball Screw Driven: Direct Drive (Coupling)-1
  • Ball Screw Driven: Side Motor (Timing Belt Pulleys)-2R, -2L direction of installation
  • PU Steel Wire Belt Driven
  • PU Steel Wire Belt Driven
  • Plastic Belt Driven