Desktop Automatic Locking-screw Machine
Desktop Automatic Locking-screw Machine JS-200A

Specification setting: 3 kinds of screws, a total of 11, 7 of front, 4 of back
Use the three-axis mechanism to set the three-station screw locking, about 15 seconds

Planning: 3 stations

  1 2 3 Setting conditions
Screw model  PACK-MIB1.7*6 PACK-MIB1.4*3 PACK-MIB1.  
Torque 1450±190N 1450±190N 1450±190N 1450N 
Drill specifications  1.7 1.4 1.6  1.7
Screw outer diameter 3.01 mm 2.91 mm 2.91 mm  
Screw hole inner diameter 1.27 mm 1.27 mm 1.27 mm  
Screw inner diameter 1.62 mm 1.63 mm 1.63 mm  
Sleeve specification 3.3 3.3 3.3  
Screw feeder 1.7 1.4 1.6 1.7

Screw feeder selection:

Screw feeder type: NSRI
Dimension: 123(W)x181(D)x145(H)
Weight: about 3.0kgf
Power supply: AC100V~240V DC15V
Feeding time: 0.9sec
Applicable screw diameter: M1.0~M3.0
Applicable screw length: Max.20mm
Screw capacity: about 80cc

Corresponding screw diameter (mm) NSRI Type NSRI Type
1.2 NSRI-12 RI12SET
1.4 NSRI-14 RI14SET
1.7 NSRI-17 RI17SET
2.3 NSRI-23 RI23SET
2.6 NSRI-26 RI26SET
3 NSRI-30  

Electric screwdriver selection:

Way to start Electronic control
Output torque range  
N‧m 0.1-0.55
1bf‧in 0.9-4.8
kgf‧cm 1-5.5
Torque switching Stepless adjustment

Easy-to-operate control screen:

Main menu screen, click each option button to enter each screen   Automatic mode/production management statistics;
Position adjustment   Function page

DLS-LKS-X-Y-Z 200 Type

Related models: 300 Type(X: 300mm/Y: 300mm/Z: 150mm), 400 Type(X: 400mm)/Y: 400mm/Z: 150mm)

Machine name desktop automatic screw locking machine
Mechanical dimensions 413mm x 435mm x 856mm
XYZ axis stroke X: 200mm/Y: 200mm/Z: 150mm
3-axis two-phase stepping motor X: 60M-103H7823-0440
Y: 60M-103H7823-0440
Z: 57M-TK268-02A5
Programmable memory module Mitsubishi PLC
Storable groups of setting 4 groups of setting can be stored
30 locking positions in each group of setting
Electric screwdriver Locking range: M1 screw (automatic screw feeder)
Way to control Torque control, Lack of material detection, Warning
Power supply AC110V
Axial accuracy XYZ: ±0.01mm
Axial speed XYZ: 150mm/sec
Application Smart phone, Camera, Lens, Tablet pc, Glasses, Home appliances, Industrial products...

Model representation
LKS: For screw locking (LKS-200-200-150-3000)

General specifications
X: Effective stroke of X-axis 200mm(customization)
Y: Effective stroke of Y-axis 200mm(customization)
Z: Effective stroke of Z-axis 200mm(customization)

T: Torque
3000: 1500N‧cm below
4000: 1500N‧cm above

Specifications of axis
X, Y axis: Repeat precision: ±0.01mm, Load: 5kg, Round-trip time: 0.5sec
Z axis: Repeat precision: ±0.01mm, Load: 2kg, Round-trip time: 0.3sec


  • PLC control supports high-speed processing
  • 4.3 inch TFT LCD man-machine interface
  • Easy-to-operate man-machine panel control
  • Support customized stroke
  • Multi-item storage function
  • Files security protection
  • External I/O expansion control
  • Flexible design of working functions