RENDER's Built-in Guideway Servo Ball Screw Actuator from the AU single-axis robot series is an advanced product that integrates linear guide and ball screw into an one-piece design, resulting in enhanced structural rigidity, reduced assembly tolerances, and a compact volume.

RENDER Provides Two Types of Servo Actuators

Flexibility and Precision: Understanding the Characteristics of Servo Actuators for Multi-Orientation Installations

The servo actuator features 45° Gothic 4 points, where the balls make even contact with the linear guides, making it an ideal choice for high-speed transmission. Compared to traditional robots, the servo actuator offers smoother operation, lower noise, and minimal vibration. Additionally, the servo actuator can be installed in various orientations, including horizontal, vertical, wall-mounted, and hanging directions.

Choose RENDER's Advanced Servo Actuators for Enhanced Precision and Performance

The Built-in Guideway Servo Actuator finds its application in various automatic transmission, positioning, measurement, and inspection equipment. It is suitable for industries such as PC, PCB, LED, optoelectronics, semiconductor, dispensing, packaging, biotechnology, medicine, beauty, and more.

Precision and Adaptability: Exploring RENDER's Standard and Cleanroom Linear Modules for Various Working Environments

RENDER offers high-quality servo actuators in the form of single-axis robots or multi-axis robot arms. These modules come in two types, namely belt-driven and ball screw-driven. In addition, we cater to different working environments by providing standard and cleanroom types of linear modules.

Enhance the Precision and Performance with RENDER's Advanced Servo Motor Actuators

If you're looking for high-quality servo actuators that can maximize your robotic potential, choose RENDER's advanced products. Whether you need a ball screw linear slide, a belt linear slide, or any other type of servo motor actuator, we have the right product for you. Browse through our products now and experience enhanced precision and performance!

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