Linear actuators are devices that convert rotational motion into linear motion. There are various types of linear actuators available in the market. Electric linear actuators are becoming increasingly popular due to their high accuracy.

Enhancing Industrial Performance with RENDER's Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuators

One type of electric linear actuator is the ball screw driven linear slide. RENDER provides ball screw driven linear slides that are suitable for various industries, including screen, panel, glass, packaging equipment, CNC machines, and more. The ball screw driven linear slide is a type of linear module that offers high accuracy, and load capacity. RENDER offers both general and cleanroom types of ball screw driven linear actuators to cater to different working environments.

The Versatility of RENDER's Linear Modules: Belt-Driven Linear Actuators for Various Applications

In addition to ball screw driven linear actuators, RENDER also offers belt driven linear actuators realizing high speed and long-stroke capabilities. Both types of linear modules are customizable, easy to maintain, and compatible with various brands of linear guideways and motors. RENDER's linear modules are suitable for conveyor belt transfer, positioning, measurement, and inspection applications.

Customizable Linear Servo Actuators: A Solution for Your Precision Needs

RENDER electric linear actuator is a type of linear slides that is driven by the ball screw or the toothed belt, guided by the linear guide rails, and equipped with a servo motor or a stepper motor, a machine part initiating movements when receiving feedback from the motor control signal. The movements are within the range specified by the limit switches to prevent the collision.

RENDER linear actuators can be customized according to specific requirements.

Choosing the Right Linear Actuator: A Key to Optimize Your Application Performance

In summary, there are various types of linear actuators available in the market, including ball screw driven linear slides, belt driven linear slides, electric cylinders, electric linear putters, and linear motors. Each type has its own unique characteristics and applications, and choosing the right type depends on the specific requirements of the application.

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