Unlocking Precision: The Power of Manual Micro Stages in Industrial Innovation

Discover the versatility of the "Micro Stage," also recognized as a "manual linear stage" or "manual translation stage." This dynamic component, renowned for its lightweight design and various assembly combinations, proves to be a game-changer across diverse applications, offering flexibility and precision that redefine industrial and scientific standards.

Manual linear stages present a spectrum of configurations, featuring guide rail types such as cross roller guide, steel bar ball, dovetail groove, and linear ball. The driving mechanisms, including the micrometer head, precise screw, and rack and pinion, contribute to the customizable and efficient movement of these stages. Engineered for high precision, smooth motion, compact size, and remarkably low weight, these stages seamlessly integrate into an array of devices and systems.

Within this category, the cross-roller guide table stands out, showcasing exceptional precision, compact dimensions, and remarkable rigidity in limited linear motion. Widely employed as a sliding seat component in OA machines, various testers, printed circuit board drilling machines, tool grinding machines, electric discharge machines, and X-ray devices, the cross-roller guide table underscores the adaptability and reliability of manual micro stages.

In the world of industrial innovation, the manual linear translation stage emerges as a reliable and customizable solution for diverse business needs. With its myriad assembly combinations, the micro stage proves to be an indispensable tool, ensuring high precision and smooth movement in a compact and lightweight package. Whether integrated into testing equipment, machining tools, or electronic devices, the manual micro stage stands as a reliable choice for achieving precise linear motion, elevating your business applications to new heights of accuracy and efficiency.


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